Tile and Grout Cleaning

 Beautiful Carpets and Floors offers full service tile and grout cleaning and resealing!

Here is the process we use to restore unsightly tile and grout lines:

1. Vaccum area to be cleaned (vacuuming is more thorough than sweeping)

2. Pre-spray are with special tile and grout cleaner to break down the grease and soil imbedded in the grout and tile.

3. Scrub grout lines as needed with a special “grout brush”

4. Rinse and extract using our new SX-12 “spinner” tile cleaning tool.

5. Apply sealer to grout lines (whole floor for natural stone tile)

This is our basic formula for tile cleaning success. As we expand our service to include natural stone polishing, grout re-dying, and tile and grout repair, we will keep you posted!

Our tile and grout cleaning service is offered with two options. You can choose to have your tile and grout thoroughly cleaned and have the grout lines resealed, or you can choose to simply clean and not reseal. However, we highly recommend resealing, as it prevents water from soaking into the porous grout lines and quickly resoiling. Getting your grout lines resealed will also make it much easier to clean your tile using a simple mop or scrub brush.